Surety Connection Tools

Depending on your signup options and what type of company you are, you will be getting access to one or more of the following applications:

Bid List Connection
(For Contractors, Sureties, Surety Agencies)
  • Helps manage contractors bid schedule
  • Imports “Open Standards based” bid information files
  • Communicates and transmits project data to surety and insurance/surety agent
Bond List Connection
(For Contractors, Surety Agencies)
  • View your existing bonds online, print reports, export to Excel
  • Request changes to bonds or new bonds online
  • Online bond calculations
Tool Belt Connection
(For Contractors)
  • Track your equipment
  • See what equipment is on what jobs
  • Print reports such as equipment history
Project Team Connection
(For Contractors)
  • Use your human capital more efficiently
  • Assign employees to jobs based on their abilities, and regions they are available to work in
  • Find which employees are available to do a certain task in a certain area during a certain time
Qualification Connection
(For Contractors, Surety Agencies)
A single application for contractors to be able to complete a standardized form with the following attributes:
  • Surety agents can secure and import the necessary information to develop a surety program.
  • Surety underwriters can review and import the data using open standards or simple “cut and paste”
  • General Contractors and project owners can search for qualified subcontractors subject to filtering
  • Subcontractors can promote themselves to prime contractors and project owners
  • Contractor can use the information for more than the one purpose
  • Contractor can control who has access to the information
Subcontractor Status Connection
(For General Contractors)
  • An application that imports project progress payment data as a risk management tool for the prime contractor and/or project owner, transferring that data to Project Status Connection so the respective surety markets have the ability to monitor their specific activity
Project Status Connection
(For Sureties)
  • An application that aggregates project progress payment data from multiple internet sites for distribution to surety markets filtered for each surety, with indications to reflect progress status and a link back to the originating data source for further investigation
File Download Connection
(For Sureties)
  • A way to share files by using the internet
  • Includes 1 public storage area, and 1 password protected storage area
  • Integrates with your current website
Sub Info Connection
(For Contractors)
  • An application that manages access to Contractor Questionnaires on the Qualification Connection website
Surety Submission Connection
(For Sureties, Surety Agencies)
  • An application that provides for efficient data sharing between a surety agent and the surety market in the development of a surety program
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